My month of “Yes”

I have a lot to talk about from last month. As it says on the blog title I literally said yes to every possible event/social outing I got asked to.

But it’s 2.14am now and I should be sending my modified CV and cover letter off to some job application…



Welcome to the big 26, Helena

Past few weeks I have been out seeing friends, casually drinking or either staying indoors binge watching How I met your mother or Walking dead. I admit I am not seriously looking for a job currently. After Lloyds I really wanted to have that freedom of doing whatever I want with the money I saved up. Hence why I went to Amsterdam, America and just recently got back from Nice, France. This is what I planned after quitting Lloyds. To just enjoy freedom and travel whenever I can. Guess I could have travelled more but what was stopping me was the fear of doing it alone. I don’t know… I just always liked travelling with people. It makes it more fun (usually) and I just feel safer with someone with me.

But anyways, enough with my travel trips.

So it was my birthday yesterday. I didn’t really know how I wanted to spend it but I thought I should get away one last time before I found a full time job. So getting away for my birthday weekend was a great excuse. I wanted to go somewhere that was sunny and within Europe. So I randomly chose Nice as it looks very summery and had a beach! So I was sold immediately. Managed to get my friend Calvin to come along with me! So I was lucky to get someone very last minute.

Nice was a pretty, old town. After the first day, the weather was perfect. Super sunny with a light breeze. What London should be right now…

Calvin and I did a lot of walking around Nice, we went to the Promanade des Anglais, Castle Hill, Vieille ville, Place Massena and Cathedrale Sainte-Reparate. Our hotel was pretty much walking distance to all of the places. What really annoyed me was that the beach wasn’t sandy… IT WAS A PEBBLE BEACH! Damn you Nice! The trip could have been damn perfect if the beach was sand! The food was definitely expensive in Nice too. There were so many restaurants and cafes… You really needed to use TripAdvisor to find the best place. Because it was definitely a hit and miss for a lot of places. Our last dinner was the best for sure though. It was some seafood restaurant that was known for their fish fondue. But I hadn’t had mussels in a while so I got that instead XD

Calvin got me a small cake for my birthday which we managed to get candles for so I can make a wish when it struck 12am =3

We had to get up early in the morning to catch our 9.40am plane. I was so tired in the morning and couldn’t wait to get back to London so I can sleep some more. I wish I had the energy wanting to do something on my actual birthday. But after arriving back to chilly London, unpacked and cleaned myself up so I can nap in my bed. I still didn’t have the energy or mood to do anything for the day. I guess deep down I was a little sad. Sally was the first to gift me with two cupcakes. That made me teary. I later on used one of the cupcakes to make another birthday wish, but it was the same one from the first one. Just with the second one I really meditated it into my head. My mum also remembered my birthday and gifted me with money ❤

So yeah on my actual birthday I was indoors doing chores and catching up on my TV series. Nothing special. I was hoping for someone to surprise me on the day. But he didn’t show up. I guess he really is going away forever in Japan. And there is nothing I can do about it. But past few days I reminded myself that I have my own life to sort out. Before I even dwell on someone else actions, think about my own.

Do yourself a favour and work hard now. The best is yet to come =)

Back from America…

And I never left a country so happy before.

My spontaneous decision to be in America for a month was probably one of the best decision I made so far this year.

All I wanted was to get away from London and find a new environment to live in. I wanted to regain my focus. I wanted to find my motivation again. I wanted to explore another city. Which I achieved all in Vegas.


When I walk around in London, I have that genuine smile with a hopeful thinking that it will all work out for me in end.

All of my friends currently have such a negative view about love and relationships. But for me, I am so content with my own. And I wish my friends could eventually have what I feel soon.

Happy New year 2017

I am 3 months late I know. I am sorry. Guess I had a lot on my hands during these past months.

So what did I do on New Years Eve? I went to Sophie Lee’s house for a small quiet house party. It was pretty much a last minute choice that Thu and I made. And probably the only one that was decent. There was no other house party around and I didn’t want to go Playkrown for New years haha. So yeah Sophie’s party was okay. I wasn’t that excited to celebrate New years this year. I don’t know why. Guess there was nothing for me to celebrate about. And the only thing that was on my mind was the next day where I spend New Years in Bath with a guy I liked. All I kept thinking about was him for the whole night. The New year celebration came to an early end for me as I wanted to sleep early so I would have enough sleep for my trip to Bath.

So New years day came and I remembering being so excited that the day finally came. I took the coach to Bath and it was just an over 2 hour journey there. The weather wasn’t the best that day, quite gloomy with a slight drizzle. But it didn’t matter to me. Just the fact that I am doing something spontaneous for the beginning of 2017 made me happy. So we stayed at an Airbnb place and I was so surprised how luxurious it was. It was exactly how it looked like from the photo. We had a two bedroom apartment to ourselves it just felt like home haha. Bath was like a picturesque ancient city. Though I did felt I was still on London, but in another part of London I never been to haha. We went to the Thermal Spa, walked around the city centre and chilled indoors in our apartment. The trip was such a great start of the year for me. Going home back to London was the hardest part.

So what is my New Year resolution for this year ?

  1. To seriously apply for a new job to start a new chapter of life for myself
  2.  To continue with exercising each week
  3. Each week to write about my happy moments and reflection of my personal progression into my journal book.

Have I been keeping up to my New year resolution so far? Yes on 2 & 3 but not so much on the 1. But after watching some motivation videos and being in the US. My mind is a lot more focus. Oh and I am also officially unemployed now too, so since then I have been thinking about what I can be doing. After coming back from the US I am hoping to start up a food market stall business. I know I should be applying for a proper job, and I will. But on the side I want to set up a business so my parents can move away from their cafe business. It all on plan, but to make it happen will take a lot of effort.

Hopefully it all works out.

Manage to find free time…

So I finally have time (and motivation) to blog about what happened in the during Summer 2016. There is a lot to type about but the topics will be in this order:

  • My surprise birthday by Tyrone and Thu (28th May)
  • Last minute planning and jetting off to Thailand
  • First festival experience: EDC
  • Summer activities in London
  • Final annual leave for the year (and possibly my last year at my current workplace)

So you know on my last post I mentioned how I decided to not do anything big for my birthday, well.. Behind my back Tyrone and Thu was actually planning a surprise apartment party for me which was my original ideal birthday party. But I couldn’t be bothered to deal with it. So Tyrone and Thu thought it would be a good idea to organise one for me. So disguise this surprise party Tyrone said he wanted to take me to dinner with others down in South London “by the river”. So I didn’t much into it and genuinely thought I was going to have a nice dinner with my close friends haha.

So woke up during late morning and got ready to go to Daisy’s flat for the afternoon. While I took the underground to Brixton I remember bumping into Thu and Tyrone randomly and I was like wtf why are these two together. But never thought much into it haha. So when I got to Daisy’s we were waiting for Kevin and Jennifer. And you know how we are always waiting for Kevin… lmao. We ended up meeting them at Pop Brixton which is very hip shipping container area filled with start up food stalls that does a funky variety of food from Korean Tacos to juicy steak and fries. So we all had a nice catch up there and went to smoke in a nearby shisha. When it got to around 7pm we decided to go back to Daisy’s to get ready for dinner with Tyrone. As Daisy and Holly were getting ready they called the Uber to get to the restaurant, I was like wow is the place that far. When I saw how glam the girls were looking that’s when I thought something wasn’t right lmao. So while I was at the Uber with the girls after 5 minutes Daisy was like “Helena put on this blindfold!” I was like “Uhh what is going on ? Haha! Am I going to be held hostage for something ” But I did it anyways as that’s when I realise Tyrone has something big planned for me. I was so excited! I am quite certain it took Daisy a good 5 minutes to get me through the staircase while I was blindfolded. I was shit scared I would fall and nearly kill myself haha. When Daisy finally took off the blindfold I was greeted with a “SURPRISE” by all my close friends and family at a super modern looking apartment with a spectacular view. At that point I was so speechless and was so touched by Tyrone and Thu’s effort they have put in to organise the event. I just couldn’t believe it how they actually did it. It was what I always wanted for my birthday =D So as the evening went on we had fun taking photos, drinking and enjoying each others company. I honestly couldn’t ask for more. I didn’t get super drunk that night though as I did wanted to remember the night haha. But yeah I was so happy that night.

Sooo I was a little depressed before going to Thailand. And looking back I am not sure why. But on the day of departing I was pretty ecstatic by it all. Kevin and Conan come by to my place so we could get a Uber to Heathrow. I did all my packing on the final day to be honest and to fair I thought I did quite a good job! I packed all the essentials and didn’t miss a thing. And if I did I always had Nina anyways who is super organised with packing compared to me lmao. To keep this story short; I realised a few things about myself while I was in Thailand. As I was in Phuket for 8 days and Bangkok for 5 days, I much prefer Bangkok due to the convenience of living in the city. Phuket was good but everywhere we go, the price was always at an extortion level. And we always had Kevin haggle down the price for us. We stayed in the most luxurious apartment ever in Phuket. We had the whole flat to ourselves with a kitchen and living room. But most importantly we had a nice balcony view of the swimming pool and the forest. It was a complete different environment for me. Where we lived was practically a countryside. So we always needed to a hire a taxi if we wanted to leave our apartment to go somewhere lmao. The best moments I had in Phuket was when I was in Bangla road in Putong!! It was probably our third day in Phuket and we decided to take a taxi to the city during the evening to explore and party. So when we got to Bangla road.. I remembered thinking “Wow.. this is totally my scene” A street filled with all different kind of bars, clubs and private shows. Lit up with neon bright lights and good music being played. And some bars had sexy Thai girls dancing on poles  to lure customers in. Like omg it was paradise haha! It was lively, everyone was having a good time, and there was just so much to see. I wish I could have went to Bangla road once more before I left. Another thing which I really loved about Putong was their night food market! The fresh bbq pork on skewers were the best!! Me and the group would eat so much from the food market but we never put on any weight! Which was ideal for me! Towards the end of the trip, I did start to get a bit ill and my throat would be in pain. It was when I was told that I could potentially be dehydrated as I wasn’t drinking enough water. In Thailand the weather was pretty much humid so I would sweat every day when I am outside. But didn’t think I need to replenish myself every hour haha. So yeah eventually the dehydration got to me. Leaving Phuket was in a way a relief because I was so sick of eating 7/11 budget microwave meals. And they were the only meals we were having towards the end of the week because we didn’t want to spend money eating out in restaurants. Arriving to Bangkok was making me so happy on the inside. Because all I see was shopping malls, convenient stores, markets, restaurants, bars.. basically EVERYTHING you needed in one place. So this time in Bangkok I was with Nina, Thu and Ken. Kevin would join us later in a few days time. As soon as we arrived to our apartment and briefly unpacked, Ken took us a shopping mall with crazy variety of restaurants for us to pick from. It was around 10pm by then but luckily we managed to snuck in to a unlimited hotpot restaurant. They had a conveyor belt bringing out seafood, sushi, soups and Japanese starters. And on our table we had a split hotpot with spicy and normal base soup. There was also a buffet area for more hot Japanese food. AND unlimited drinks!! All of this for £6 per person! You would never get this kind of deal in a countryside of Thailand! After rushing to eat our dinner we walked around the shopping mall and walked a little on the streets of Bangkok. That was the moment where I felt so satisfied. Admiring the night lights and enjoying the cool breeze after a hectic meal. Bangkok was really a pretty city with so much potential. I wouldn’t mind living there for at least 6 months. But yeah I don’t want to get into too much detail with Bangkok as I did do a lot there with Ken’s guide. But one thing for sure is I would definitely be back. And hope to spend more time in Bangkok and other islands in Thailand.

A week after coming back from Thailand, it was EDC weekend!! A day before, Thu and I quickly went shopping in Oxford street to buy a few festival accessories and before we know it, we were at Euston station boarding onto the train to Milton Keynes the next morning. We were with the usual gang; Kevin, Ken O, Daisy, Puneet etc… Basically with all of my good friends. I was so happy to be at EDC with them!! When we got to Milton Keynes we had to walk to the stadium which was about 20mins walk. Going through security was very easy and there was no queues at all which was a surprise. When we finally got through to the marquee, I remember seeing thousands of people on a big land of grass in front of a huge stage with owl eyes. On the stage there were performers and dancers entertaining the crowd and amazing music buzzing the crowd. There was a big swing ride in the middle of the grass space.  And on two horizontal sides of the grass space there were bars and confectionery stalls. This place was paradise… I couldn’t wait to drop to really experience my surrounding. But yeah after 30mins it all kicked in. I was dancing away, wandering around and enjoying the company I had. At one point I hallucinated which was interesting lmaoo. That never happened to me before. I reckon because I was dancing under the sun I was getting dehydrated but I didn’t realise I was in serious need of water lmao. Thu also hallucinated but was saying random things and acted out of character. Talking about all of this afterwards was really funny haha. But yeah after being at EDC for about 6 hours I decided to go home early so I had to miss the fireworks. But it was okay because I really enjoyed myself. I remembered my feet was pretty sore from standing up for so long haha. So that was my EDC experience. Would I do it again. Hell yessss!! It’s pretty much an annual Summer celebration. However, I did find out from Facebook that there won’t be an EDC  event for 2017. It is still early days so I hope the organisers figure something out.

A continuation…

Soo during the summer 2016 I did try to do a lot of outdoor activities. Went on picnics, went cycling in Hyde park, attended the food markets, went to my first ever outdoor cinema with my best friend Thu and went to my favourite beer garden in Southbank. Not organising enough picnic events was probably the downfall to my summer I think. Guess when you are hot you aren’t too bothered to do much eh? I had a bucket list of the things I wanted to do during the Summer and I think I ticked every off apart from watching the sunrise at Primrose hill! I had a house party at mines sometime during early August and I wanted to go to Primrose hill with a few of my friends to watch the sunrise but we was so tired from the alcohol we didn’t bother… So for 2017 hopefully I can achieve that!

By the end of August, I went on my annual leave and that was when I was properly looking for jobs. And I was lucky to have a friend who referred me to a recruitment agency that was looking for a candidate to fill a position. It was a graduate accountant assistant role which was one of my options I was looking into. So the company loved me and I did felt that I could have fit in well with the company but I messed up my second interview haha. But it’s okay. I guess I am more enthusiastic with a role as a finance analyst or something analyst related haha.

But yeah the reason why it was my final annual leave is because I gave in my resignation letter in on the 31st of October.  I was so excited to give it in!! To finally move on and start a new chapter of my life… I just couldn’t wait!

My next blog post would be about my New years celebration and the New year Resolution I decided to work on.

Haunted by memories around this time…

I still remember December 2015 so clearly like it only happened a few weeks ago.. It is so weird..

It feels like I have no memory of what happened between February-April 2016 with my life. I guess nothing excited happened between those periods for anything for me to remember.

I am still finishing my Summer 2016 entry. So I hope I can post it here before end of this week.